Get 100% encounters paid within 45 days, against claims to primary insurance. No unpaid claims or no write-offs.
No risks, no hassles, no doubts.
Concentrate on patient care leaving all other burdens to us.
Your billing procedure remains unchanged, except we handle it remotely.
Checks, EOBs also will come to you, which you will be scanning to us.
It is possible with our AssuredCash billing system.
It is very simple. We handle your billing and all the eligible, unpaid primary ins claims above 45 days will be paid by us
Yes, will be paid by Vision Infonet!!.
We provide complete Revenue Cycle Management Service that includes:
a) Insurance Verification.
b) Authorization/pre-certification wherever required.
c) Transcription.
d) Charge posting.
e) Payment posting.
f) Sending of patient statements.
g) Further, we also provide our MDCare EMR/PMS for free.
For Aug 15 you have scheduled 30 patients, with no free time slots, which include 4 procedures that require Authorization.
On Aug 13 we verify the insurance benefits of each patient and caution about the terminated policies, non-covered services, deductibles etc.
We take authorization for the required 4 procedures.
On Aug 15 you will complete serving all the 30 patients with an allowed amount of $ 10,000.00 By Sept 30 you have received only $9000 from Insurances.
On Oct 1, we will pay the balance of $1000 to you.
Refund this money to us only if we collect it from insurance.
Is it not great?? Is it not interesting? Want to discuss more?
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