For the convenience of the physicians and hospitals, we have a wide variety of options to send us the dictations and to receive transcriptions:


What are the initial setup costs for your services?
Initial setup is absolutely Free!! This includes installing the required equipment at the Physician’s office.
Is there any termination fee?
There is no termination fee. All the data will be given to the client unconditionally.
Do the client needs to sign any contract to start utilizing your service?
No contract is necessary. However if the client wants discontinue utilizing our service within the first 12 months, the client need to pay the cost of the equipment that is installed in their office.
Can your operation handle large businesses such as hospital and nursing homes?
Absolutely. We are currently serving a large account too.
Does Vision Infonet Medical Billing charge annual renewal fees?
No. We do not have any licensing fees nor other ongoing charges. If you relocate, however, we ask that you let us know so that we can update our records. In addition, we will provide you with information about how to handle data exchange when you add a new location or grow your business.


What facilities do we need to have to utilize your service?
i. High Speed Internet connection, not less than 128 kpbs DSL or Cable connection.
ii. One Computer
We will install other equipment like scanner, printer and required software.
Alternatively you can mail copies of documents like Superbills, EOBs, checks etc to us.
We do have billing server and other facilities at our practice. But I want to out-source my billing?
This is very much possible. You can continue to use your existing billing server and other facilities. We can log in to your server remotely and work.
How much man-power is required at our end?
No additional man-power is required except to scan the documents. As we install high speed scanner which can scan about 30 papers per minute, it hardly takes 3-5 minutes to scan 100 documents.
How can Vision Infonet Medical Billing improve our cash flow?
We challenge all rejected claims and dramatically reduce your accounts receivable. We file all claims electronically, which maximizes your insurance claim reimbursements to the shortest possible time. We eliminate the overhead expense associated with insurance billing such as salaries, vacations, sickness, training, turnover, office space, computer hardware and software, and other operation necessities. In many cases this can result in substantial savings of 60% or more.
Will there be a delay in billing while we are being set up for electronic claims filing?
No, your regular billing cycle will continue while we set you up for electronic billing. When you contract with our billing service, we will begin filing paper claims immediately so that there is no delay in your billing. As soon as your practice / operation is set up to file claims electronically, we automatically begin transmitting your claims through a clearinghouse or directly to the insurance carriers.
Would it be more cost effective to file electronic claims in-house instead of using a billing service?
No, We substantially reduce your operation overhead (salary, benefits, office space, are eliminated). And, we do all of the above at a small fraction of what it would cost your operation to perform the same tasks. An effective billing service is much more detail oriented specialty then most in-house billers realize. As an example there are many trade secrets that can be applied to most situations that can result in operation saving and consistency in payments. We understand or have access to government polices and programs. Keeping up-to-date with all this information can be extremely time consuming to your operation. We understand the importance of the details that insurance companies need for proper payment. We stay informed of all ICD-9 and CPT code changes, and we use our contacts with the carriers to stay abreast of any internal changes that may impact or result in reduced payments / or non payments for your practice.
Can your Medical Billing collect on overdue accounts?
We sure can. Actually, we will follow-up on all your receivables in order to reduce un-collectable accounts. We have an excellent system for tracking outstanding monies owed to you.
Can you handle multiple Medical specialties within a single practice / operation?
Yes, we incorporate state of the art technology and the most effective billing techniques available to handle multiple specialties within a practice.
How long does it take to receive reimbursement?
The average time to collect on electronic reimbursement is between 8 to 15 days.
How much does your service cost?
In general we charge 4-6% on the collected amount. However the percentage varies depending on the specialty, size of the practice, nature of the practice, etc.