How good it will be, if payment is received immediately after patient’s visit?
How wonderful it will be, if your Account Receivables is zero?
How great it will be, if your cash flow can be predicted with 100% accuracy?
As a healthcare provider, after taking all the pains of running the practice, after working very hard in serving the patients is not over-ambitious to think of the above. But what is the reality? Delayed reimbursements and piled up Account Receivables. Is there a way to over come these problems?
Yes, With StatCash Billing System That is Very Much POSSIBLE!!!!!!
Receive Insurance payments instantly with our StatCash Billing service.
Keep your AR at Zero, all the time.
Make sure that the services are covered, before patient visits.
Concentrate on patient care leaving all other burdens to us.
After all, providing Healthcare is your primary job.
What is StatCash System?
It is very simple. Serve patients and collect your money, instantly, without any delays, rejections, follow-ups and frustration.
What we do?
We take care of complete RCMS that includes:
a) Confirmation of patient schedule.
b) Insurance Verification.
c) Authorization/pre-certification wherever required.
d) Transcription.
e) Charge posting
f) We pay you 80% of the expected insurance collection within 48 hours of the patient visit.
g) We pay the balance 20% within 45 days of service.
h) Sending of statements to patients, for their responsibility part.
i) Further, we provide you with our MDCare EMR/PMS for free.
1) For May 15 you have scheduled 30 patients, with no free time slots, which include 4 procedures that require Authorization.
2) On May 13 we call all patients to confirm/cancel/reschedule their appointments so that the freed slots can be refilled and all your 30 slots are full.
3) On May 13 we verify the insurance benefits of each patient and caution about the terminated policies, non-covered services, deductibles etc.
4) We take authorization for the required 4 procedures.
5) On May 15 you will complete serving all the 30 patients with an allowed amount of $ 10,000.00
6) On May 17, we will pay you $8000.
7) On June 30 you will be paid the balance 2000 by us.

Assured Cash