For the convenience of the physicians and hospitals, we have a wide variety of options to send us the dictations and to receive transcriptions:
Toll free telephone lines
Digital hand held recorders
Dictation servers
Transcriptions via e-mail, ftp, or data bank
Transcriptions via fax or remote internet printer
Dictation on toll free telephone lines:
This is a dedicated computerized system that allows you to call in from any phone, including cellular, and dictate your documents and reports. Once you dial our toll free number, you will hear voice prompts guiding you through the process, which will enable you to give dictations to our dictation server. Each physician will be given a four-digit id. Our dial-n-dictate procedure is very physician-friendly and prompts are given for each step. For the convenience of the physician, it has all the facilities like rewind, replay, save, abort, fast forward, etc. The chances of losing dictations are very remote and hence the need for re-dictation hardly arises.
Digital hand held recorders:
If you do not want to dial the numbers every time and do not want to be bound to a phone, our digital hand held recorder system is for you.
We provide you with a hand-held digital voice recorder that is smaller or about the same size of an hand-held tape recorder and is operated like one.
Your voice is recorded on removable memory cards like those used in digital cameras. Each card can take up to 10 hours of dictation. It can be plugged into a computer interface and the voice can be sent to us via Internet. The voice can be saved into the computer or deleted so that the card can be reused. You can continue to record on another card if one is full, so you do not have to wait for the files to transfer. By keeping a few cards available, you can record wherever you want.
It is very easy and takes very little time to remove the card from the recorder, insert it into a computer interface and transfer the files to us via Internet.
To familiarize you with the whole process, we will be happy to send our executive to you.
Dictation servers
We can log on or dial into your dictation server if you are already having one. If your server is an older version and does not have Internet capability, we can dial into your server and re-record the voice files, just like your in-house transcriptionist. If your server is Internet capable, we can log into your server and download the voice files. Naturally, for all this, you will have to provide us with the necessary permissions and passwords.
Transcriptions via e-mail, ftp, or data bank
You can receive the transcriptions by one of the following options: We can send them as an attachment to e-mail. You can download them from the ftp site provided by us. You can download the transcriptions from our secure online data bank, as and when required. Transcriptions will be stored in our secure server for a specified period of time. These transcriptions can be securely accessed from any where and they can be edited, downloaded, printed, emailed or faxed with ease.
Transcriptions via fax or remote internet printer
You do not want the headache of downloading and printing? We are here to help you.
We can send the transcriptions to you by fax. Otherwise, we can install an Internet printer in your office and print all the transcriptions for you!!!!