Patient Schedule Confirmation:
Confirmation calls are made to patients in order to remind them of their scheduled appointments. Appointments will be confirmed, canceled or re-schedule based on the patient’s needs. This will avoid unnecessary no-shows for your practice, and allows you to fit new patients in vacant slots. Our experienced callers will:
Customize the message based on your requirements
Tailor the communication based on the patient’s age and nature of the problem
Authorization and Insurance verification
We undertake the whole authorization process and referrals from PCP's on your behalf. We also perform verification of benefits from the primary and secondary insurance companies.
Re-filing of documents in EMR & POS
Ever feel lost in the mountain of papers? We will take on refilling of documents in a Paperless Office System. You can scan all the documents to a single folder and leave it to us to sort, re-file and index them into the respective patient/type/date folders.